Become a Member

If you are a Bangladeshi origin or the spouse, children or descendent (over the age of 18 years) of a Bangladeshi and are living in Nova Scotia, you can register as the member of the association. Download the membership form here and send it to  

Be a Community Leader

BDCANS created enormous scope for voluntary activities and leadership development. The Council has made great strides in many areas and addressed many of its challenges, which would be difficult without the help of community volunteers. Our volunteers worked hard with undying hope and motivation to promote our culture in Nova Scotia. This would not be possible without the tireless effort, time investment, and never-ending commitment of our community volunteers. BDCANS present “BDCANS Voluntary Service Award” to dedicated volunteers every year in the Boishaki Event in recognition of their outstanding contributions. 

To show your leadership through community volunteering, please contact:

Membership Sign Up Form

Important membership information:

  • Annual membership fee: $10/person.
  • Membership period: January 1 – December 31.
  • All persons of Bangladeshi origin and their spouses, children and descendants over the age of 18 years, residing in Nova Scotia, are eligible for membership.
  • To be entitled to vote in members’ meetings and elections of the Association, a member shall require having valid membership status for a continuous period of 180 days prior to the event date.
  • Any individual interested in the objectives and activities of the Association who is not eligible to be a member, may become, upon application and approval of the Council, an associate member of the Association. Associate members shall not be entitled to vote in members’ meetings or elections.

Declaration: I declare that the information provided is true and correct; and I consent the Association to keep, use and realease of the information as relevent for membership of the Association. I declare that I have and agree to be governed by the objectives and by-laws of Ashar Alo Inc. and will follow by the Bangladesh Community Association of Nova Scotia.