Sports Activities

BDCANS offers different Healthy Living initiatives including recreational sports activities to promote social interactions and to develop a healthy, vibrant and stronger community. We will arrange recreational sports activities (badminton, volleyball, soccer, etc.). Activities are open for all, including parents, children, youth and students. Different activities will be arranged in different group and time slots. Youth and adults with specific skills in different sports (e.g., badminton, soccer etc ) will train the children.

Currently we are supporting two recreational activities are going on: Badminton and volleyball: Bedford Hammonds Plain Community Centre and soccer in the BMO Soccer Centre. We arrange tournaments of the community members participating in different sports activities.

BDCANS sport activities includes extensive recreational activities for youth and children, which will reduce their screen time, enhance physical health, encourage learning, develop social skills and promote self-esteem, team spirit and community interactions. The participant has the opportunities for social interactions with others within the community and beyond. It created opportunity for voluntary and leadership skill development