The BDCANS Council is pleased to inform you that following are the members of the new Council for next two years 2021-2022:-

  • Chairperson :- Mehdi Karim
  • Member (Secretariate):- Khaled Hasan
  • Member (Finance):- Masud Morshed
  • Member (Cultural Affairs):- MD Jahedul Alam
  • Member (Sports and Social Affairs):- MD Amir Hasib Khan

We would like to invite members, our dedicated volunteers and community members to the AGM to know about BDCANS activities in promoting our linguistic and cultural diversity in Nova Scotia since its inception in February 2017.

Date & Time: Saturday, January 30, 2021; 3.30 PM – 5 PM

Zoom Meeting Link:

Agenda: (1) Call to Order, (2) Council Report 2019-20203, (3) Annual Financial report 2019-20204, (4) Volunteer Award (5). Introduction of members (6) Introduction to new Council and charge hand over